Phu Quoc Dog

PQD Web Wallet

Polkadot wallet is the wallet to store PQD coins, as Phu Quoc Dog is built on Substrate-based Polkadot parachain.
We will soon create a separate mobile application for Polkadot wallet in the future.
Updated 10/11/2021: We just finish mobile app wallet for PQD checkout the article below

What is Polkadot extension?

Polkadot Wallet is an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers developed by the Polkadot team. It allows to manage accounts and confirm transactions with those accounts.
After clicking on the link above, select “Add to Chrome”.
Cài đặt Polkadot trên chrome
Refer to the source code of this wallet creation:

How to create a Polkadot wallet

To create a Polkadot wallet, after installing the extension on the web browser, you can follow the steps below:
Step 1:
Click Polkadot in the upper right corner of the browser, a request to create an account will appear.
Please choose “Understood, let me continue”
Step 2:
Select the “+” sign to add an account.
Step 3:
The next step is to create an account like other e-wallets,
you should choose “Copy to the clipboard” again line 12 mnemonic characters
(characters in the box that we have highlighted in green in the picture);
Then, save and store well.
Next, tick into “I have saved my mnemonic seed safely“Then, click “Next step”.
Step 4:
Set a name and password for your account.
This step is quite simple, you can leave “Allow use on any chain” as it is.Then select the username and password, repeat the password
Next, select “Add the account with the generated seed”.

Transactions on Phu Quoc Dog

After creating an account on the Palkadot extension, you can easily make transactions on Phu Quoc Dog. The dashboard of Phu Quoc Dog is very friendly and easy to use.If you are familiar with Polkadot, you can make transactions on PQD Mainnet. Please visit this address


To view your balance, go to your account on Phu Quoc Dog Mainnet; You just need to click on “Account” in the Account tab.

Trade with other wallets

To transfer money to other wallets, follow these steps:Step 1:
Select the wallet you want to transfer money to.
Then, click the “Send” button on the right side of the screen.
Step 2:
Continue to enter the wallet address you want to send to in the “send to address box”
Then, enter the amount of PQD you want to send in the “amounts box”. After confirming the correct wallet address and amount to send (here I send the 10 PQD form to my own account), click “Make Transfer”.
Step 3:
Click “Sign and summit”.
Note that the number of PQDs left after sending (including fees) must be at least 1 PQD. Otherwise, you will not be able to send it.
Step 4:
In the next step, an automatic window will appear for you to confirm the password.
After entering the password and confirming, you have sent money on PQD.
Above is an introductory article on how to install and set up an account on Polkadot Js.
At the same time, we also guide how to trade on Phu Quoc Dog based on Polkadot. If you have any questions, you can learn more: