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Welcome to Phu Quoc Dog
This site provides documentation for Phu Quoc Dog, an Operating System parachain on the Polkadot network. Here, you'll find both high-level and technical information for developers, collators, end users, and other Phu Quoc Dog network participants.
This site will be updated from as Phu Quoc Dog evolves. We welcome everyone joins the Phu Quoc Dog community and contribute to this site and the project.

What is Phu Quoc Dog

Decentralized social network and NFT platform for pets. Where you can share photos and videos of your pet's life, rescue puppies, adopt a pet, find pet friendly places and take advantage of our useful pet services. Dog protocol.
Phu Quoc Dog is a Substrate-based. Phu Quoc Dog is committed to providing easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure and creating a one-stop comprehensive infrastructure platform, which aims to reduce the threshold and cost for developers, while bringing them great returns.
PQD is a real token used to run ads on pet social networking platforms as well as exchanges related to shopping for pet products and services.
PQD is the native token of the Phu Quoc Dog network in a similar way that BTC is the native token of Bitcoin or Ether is the native token of the Ethereum blockchain.
The smallest unit of account in a Substrate network is the Planck (a reference to Planck Length, the smallest possible distance in the physical Universe). You can compare the Planck to Satoshis or Wei, while the PQD is like a bitcoin or an ether. Phu Quoc Doge mainnet is equal to 1e10 Planck.
Decimal Places
Microdot (uPQD)
Millidot (mPQD)
You can checkout the current total issuance Phu Quoc Dog Coin at


Substrate and IPFS/S3 are the only required parts of the Phu Quoc Dog protocol.
Our project includes:
  • Back-end developed in PHP, running on MySQL, Elastic and using Web3js.
  • UI and Mobile app developed in React.js and React native.
  • Blockhain part : Substrate Technology, either ready-to-use framework or Parathread (and Relay Chain).
  • Substrate Wallets supports blockchain Phu Quoc Dog and Polkadot.

Blockchain Operating System

Phu Quoc Dog is a Blockchain Operating System, which contains storage layer, smart contract layer, Defi protocol layer and eApp layer, in details:
  • Storage layer: Storage protocol layer supports distributed storage of dApp data.
  • Smart contract layer: It supports one-stop cross-chain deployment and calls of dApp. Phu Quoc Dog provides a Web3-compatible API, and existing web3 dApps can be migrated to Phu Quoc Dog without any change needed.
  • Promoted comments and mentions. Set the cost at which people pay for guaranteed notification to the influencer.
  • Distributed system for storing and accessing image, video and data via IPFS,

Built on Substrate

Substrate is technically fit for Phu Quoc Dog. By building on top of Substrate, Phu Quoc Dog is able to leverage the extensive functionalities that Substrate provides out-of-the-box, rather than needing to build them from scratch. These functionalities include peer-to-peer networking, consensus mechanisms, governance functionality, and more.

How to Engage With the Phu Quoc Dog Community

Phu Quoc Dog TestNet and community will be available soon...
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